MPs who openly appreciate the benefits contractors and freelancers bring to the UK have vowed to fight on their behalf to increase Government support. The planned campaign aims to educate fellow MPs, government departments and the civil service about the importance of contracting to the UK economy.

Brian Binley, chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for the Freelance Sector, commented: “Freelancing is the very foundation of the British wealth-creating sector.” The MP has vowed that the APPG will work to change the assumptions that surround contractors and freelancers believing they are poorly understood by policy-makers.

Binley’s comments follow the first meeting of the APPG for the Freelance Sector at a roundtable event organised by PCG on 6 July 2011. The meeting was comprised of MPs, policy-makers and industry experts.

PCG Managing Director John Brazier has revealed that the results of the roundtable meeting along with further PCG research will form the basis of an Autumn 2011 report to MPs and the first stage of the education process.

During the meeting Professor Patricia Leighton, of the Universities of Hertfordshire and Leicester argued that the UK features “too many examples of rather bad legislation.” Kevin Green, Chief Executive of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) also warned of the dangers of policy-makers “interfering…without understanding”.

Despite agreeing that there is a need for regulations to be flexible, the APPG’s treasurer Jim Dowd MP cautioned that ‘flexible’ should not be taken to mean ‘unregulated’.